Wooden Cutting Boards

You are going to love slicing, chopping and serving on Vern's cutting boards, as they are truly a piece of fine art that you can incorporate into your daily kitchen routine.  Each board if carefully hand crafted, one at a time, then hand sanded to a silky surface.  To protect the wood and add beauty, Vern rubs in several coats of a mixture of food-safe mineral oil and beeswax.  You can renew the finish with mineral oil, or vegetable oil if you wash it regularly (If not washed regularly, vegetable oil will go rancid over time).  Vern recommends that you do your cutting on one side, and serve/display on the other to maintain the beauty of the board.
If you see one that you like, you can find purchase instructions here.
*Please note that the size and pattern of any given cutting board can vary slightly from the approximate size given for each model below, as each board is a unique work of art.

Artisan Cutting Boards


"Vern's Choice" (Every board is unique. species might include maple, red birch, walnut, or cherry) - $40

 approximately 18" x 8" x 1", but size varies a
bit since this is art)

"Optical Illusion" (walnut and maple) - $50


"The Wedge" (maple and walnut 9" x 7") - $30