Other ways to support Amber

Due to the incredible outpouring of support for Amber, the bid levels for many of the items in the auction have jumped above the comfort level for many of us, and there are many more people who want to help within their comfort range.  Here are some suggestions for other ways to offer support:

Join Amber’s Patron Program (http://www.amberjean.com/patron-place/home).  If you are not already a member, this is a great way to stay connected with a behind the scenes look at her work.   Membership includes original art from Amber, and costs about the same as a triple venti latte each month.

Purchase her art.   While preparing for her surgery, Amber applied some serious discipline and created an inventory of roughly 300 pieces of original art.  Many of these are for sale on her web site: http://www.amberjean.com/portfolio/works+on+paper. 

Send a financial gift.  Amber is well known to be an abundant giver to many good causes, and now in this difficult moment she is learning the much more challenging role of receiving.   You can offer her a financial gift via paypal at amber@amberjean.com, or via check to:

Amber Jean

1106 West Park #268

Livingston, MT   59047    

Thanks in advance for any manner of support that you are able to provide.