Auction Items

The "Fun Raiser" Auction has ended.

Thank you for your wonderful compassion!  The auction has now ended and we are in the process of contacting winning bidders.  Many have inquired about other ways to support Amber, and we have put together a few options:  Check here for other ways to support Amber in this difficult time.


Item #7: Carved queen bed headboard.  This bed was crafted of solid cherry with a hand carved French Flur de Le design and offered by Ralph Jones ( of Ohio. The dimensions of the bed are 1" thick by 60" wide by 24" tall. It easily attaches to the wall using dual french cleats which Ralph has incorporated into the design.  Then, the bed simply slides under the headboard.  Additional information can be obtained directly from Ralph at  Ralph has also been inspired by Amber's work, and has offered not only this bed, but 10% of the proceeds from his business to help Amber. Minimum bid $200 plus actual shipping costs based on your location.Send Bid Now.

Item #1: Snack serving set.  (Final bid $250) This tray and scoop are hand carved from locally harvested air dried cherry.  The tray is approximately 16" x 6" x 1", and the scoop is 10" long.  This set was finished using a special blend of oil and beeswax.  Minimum bid $70 plus $5 shipping.  Send Bid Now.

Item #3: Walnut ladle. (Final bid $200)   This item is hand carved from a piece of black walnut that has some of the most beautiful, gently flowing grain I have ever seen in walnut.  It also has a very special bonus: when I was all done finishing it I noticed the distinct shape of a heart that emerged from the grain on the bottom of the bowl, which would make it a great gift for someone you love!   Minimum bid $60 plus $5 shipping. Send Bid Now.

Item #5: Artisan spatula.  (Final bid $60)This spatula is crafted from walnut with a strip of sugar maple added for contrast.  It is finished with a food-safe water-resistant finish.  This is the perfect companion to the cutting board (item #4), so place a bid on both to really "pimp your kitchen"!  Minimum bid: $20 plus $5 shipping.  Send Bid Now.

Item #2: small cutting board.  (Final bid $70) This cutting board is crafted of red birch and walnut, and finished with a food-safe blend of mineral oil and beeswax. Dimensions are approximately 13" x 8", which is a nice size for creating and serving lunch all on the same board.  Minimum bid $30 plus $10 shipping. Send Bid Now.

Item #4: large cutting board.(Final bid $165) This cutting board is made from a special stash of red birch (one of our favorite woods for cutting boards) that we got from a friend, as well as some black walnut to provide a nice contrast and an optical illusion effect.  The board is large, measuring approximately 18" x 11".  It is finished with a food safe blend of oil and wax which can be refreshed periodically with mineral oil.  Minimum bid $35 (plus $10 shipping). Send Bid Now.

 Item #6: Sculpted pie server. (Final bid $85).  This pie server is crafted of solid cherry (but can be used to serve ANY pie, not just cherry), and finished with a food-safe blend of mineral oil and beeswax.  Minimum bid $15 + $5 shipping.  Send Bid Now.