Amber "Fun Raiser"

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for participating in the “Fun Raiser” auction for Amber Jean. Together, we were able to raise over $1000, which will take a bit of pressure off as Amber continues to heal and begins to transition back to work. The generous outpouring of support has been tremendously healing for Amber on all fronts. Throughout the entire process, she has been moved by the compassion and generosity of all who participated. 

Amber said: “Ok you guys…you’ve made me cry! I am deeply touched, humbled, and beaming from a serious case of “warm fuzzies.” Too sweet. Life is such a grand journey – filled with surprising twists and turns. I am totally “in” for the ups and downs, the dark places and the bright sunny patches. All of you have certainly shot a beam of light to help guide my path, warm my heart, and tickle my soul.”

Several people have asked what they can do to support Amber in the event that their bid did not win, and so here are a few options:

- Join Amber’s Patron Program ( If you are not already a member, this is a great way to stay connected with a behind the scenes look at her work. Membership includes original art from Amber, and the program costs about the same as a triple venti latte each month.

- Purchase her art. While preparing for her surgery, Amber applied some serious discipline and created an inventory of roughly 300 pieces of original art. Many of these are for sale on her web site:

- Send her a gift. Amber has been an abundant giver her entire life, and now in this difficult moment she is learning the much more challenging role of receiving. You could do this via paypal at, or via check to:

Amber Jean
1106 West Park #268
Livingston, MT 59047

It has been a pleasure to work with you to support Amber through this difficult patch in her life.

Warmest regards,

Paul and Vern Mayer

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