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Vern recently celebrated the 5 year anniversary of Vern's Wood Goods and would like to thank everyone who has supported this fun ride by offering encouragement, sending him him ideas, providing feedback, and continuing to make his creations a part of your home.  Here is a photo with the Vern's Wood Goods staff: Left to right: Joe (son), Dorothy (better half), Vern, Mary (daughter), Peter (son), Paul (son), Julie (not pictured).  


Art you can use!
Vern's Wood Goods produces some of the finest wooden crafts available.  Specializing in high quality kitchen accessories, Vernon Mayer works with hand-picked premium domestic hardwoods and builds his artisan designs with meticulous attention to detail.  The following are examples of products that are currently available from Vern's Wood Goods:

Creative Cutting Boards.
  Vern creates his cutting boards and serving trays by selecting only the finest domestic hardwoods, and combining contrasting colors for artistic effect.  Then, each board is carefully designed, individually crafted, and hand sanded to a level of buttery smoothness that makes you want to keep it in your hands all day!  Then, to preserve the beauty and protect the wood, each cutting board is treated with multiple layers of a special food-safe oil and wax finish that enhances the contrasting colors and luster, while serving trays get multiple coats of hand rubbed oil and poly. 

Serving Trays
Artisan Serving Trays.
  Vern's carefully crafts his wooden serving trays from a variety of premium domestic hardwoods, with two sizes available (or custom) to meet your needs.  These make a great wedding, holiday or birthday gift for the person in your life who loves to entertain!  
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Wooden Kitchen "Artensils".
  Sculpted from beautiful and durable domestic hardwoods, these utensils are smooth as silk in your hand, and feel like they belong there.  Whether you like to cook or not, you will look good standing in the kitchen with one of these in your hand!

Amazing Balancing Wine Bottle Holder
.  Have a special evening planned that involves a bottle of wine?  This is the perfect accessory to accentuate the festive mood.  This gravity-defying wine holder keeps a standard size (750 ml) bottle of wine in perfect balance while your friends speculate as to the physics involved.  Leave the physics to Vern, and impress your friends with one of these today!

Long Handled Shoehorn - The "Shoe Honker".  Save your back, let the "Shoe Honker" do the work!  For those of us with lower back problems, it is well known how painful the shoe on/off ritual can be.  With its extended reach, this clever shoehorn allows you to easily slip your shoe on and off without the discomfort of bending.  Plus, it is a beautiful conversation piece to hang near your entryways.


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Vern's Wood Goods builds artisan kitchen products, such as cutting boards, wine bottle holders, serving trays, platters, wooden kitchen utensils, wooden spatulas, and wooden pie servers. These items make great handmade gifts for the chef or creative host or hostess in your life.  These are the ultimate cutting board.  You will see; the ultimate chef's cutting board gift.  All items are handmade in Minnesota by a master artisan.  These also make exceptional kitchen gifts, artistic gifts, artisan gifts, Christmas gifts, chef gifts, handmade gifts, unique gifts, etc.  The products are handmade by an honest craftsman in Minnesota, which is in America's heartland.   The cutting boards make a wonderful creative gift for weddings, birthdays, executive gifts, employee gifts, special gifts of all kinds.  The wine bottle holders are an amazing, unique, rare, one-of-a-kind gift that will delight the recipient.  The serving tray is large, creative, unique, breathtaking, lustrous wooden treasure.  The wooden kitchen utensils are rare gifts, bold design, unique gifts.  The pie server is made of cherry, walnut or maple, and can be custom made out of any domestic hardwood.  This is Peter Mayer's father's woodworking site.  Peter Mayer's Dorothy's Pie song.  These also make a great valentine's day gift, or incentive prize.  Paul Mayer woodworking is found here.  The unique kitchen utensils will delight their recipient.  These kitchen utensils are crafted from the finest hardwoods available.  Kitchen utensils such as this are works of art, and these kitchen utensils are durable and functional as well. Wooden kitchen utensils shoulod be handwashed only.  Wooden cutting boards should also be handwashed only.  Paul Mayer's father's woodworking business. These are popular kitchen gifts, and considered by many to be the best kitchen gifts.  These are special kitchen gifts, often considered unique chef gifts, or even rare, high quality, one-of-a-kind cooking gifts.  Contact Vern today if you would like to buy one of his wooden cutting boards, wooden cutting board, chef gifts, wine bottle holders, kitchen utensils, cooking gifs, wedding gifts, kitchen gift ideas, wooden serving tray, artisan serving tray, artistic serving platter, or wooden pie servers.